IBEx Ethernet Product Family

Distributed data/processing centers and cloud services have created the need for extending high performance fabric beyond the data center and over the WAN. Conventional networks fail to deliver this need for seamless fabric extension without compromising performance and operating costs. Bay’s IBEx Global Fabric Extender platforms meet the need for seamless Ethernet and InfiniBand extension across the globe, and feature ultra-high network utilization, ultra-low latency and jitter and deterministic/lossless transport. IBEx Ethernet products support Ethernet fabric extension to enable local data center performance across multiple geographically distributed sites.

The Global Fabric Extender (IBEx™) Ethernet product family utilizes Microsystems’ proprietary packet and transport processing technology to provide seamless Ethernet Data Center Bridging (DCB) fabric extension functionality through wide area network adaptation and tunneling capabilities over a variety of protocols. The IBEx Ethernet product portfolio supports and interoperates with virtually any network topology and data rate, thereby enabling unencumbered, line-rate 1/10/40G Ethernet extension over a diverse array of high-performance wide area network protocols and deployment scenarios.

10G Ethernet

IBEx G20e
Dual 10G Ethernet extension over SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64 or ITU-T G.709/G.975.1-I.4 OTU2
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IBEx G410e
Up to four 10G Ethernet links over SONET OC-768/SDH STM-256 or ITU-T G.709/G.975.1-I.4 OTU3
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40G Ethernet

IBEx G40e
40G Ethernet over SONET OC-768/SDH STM-256 or ITU-T G.709/G.975.1-I.4 OTU3
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