Bay Microsystems Moves 1 Petabyte Across Country in Just over 23 Hours

– What We Do –

Bay provides converged data solutions to bridge the gap between enterprise or cloud storage systems across regions, nations or the globe. We seamlessly address challenges with geographically dispersed data while simultaneously maximizing the value of existing investment in compute, storage and network infrastructure.

Our mission is to empower businesses with geo-diverse locations to unleash the value of their distributed data assets by providing fast, efficient transfer of and access to any data, anywhere, any time.

– Solutions for Your Market & Industry –

Financial Services

Enhance financial applications with speed and certainty across the globe.

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Life Sciences

Improve access, analytics and remote data collaboration across global R&D teams.

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Media & Entertainment

Accelerate distributed workflows for content creation, editing, distribution, and BCDR.

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Enable mission critical applications for government agencies, military and intelligence communities.

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Unleashing the Value of
Distributed Data

Introducing Max Data XchangeTM

MaxDX unleashes the value of data assets by enabling:

  • Predictable, time-sensitive remote data access and sharing to streamline distributed workflows and real-time collaboration.
  • Predictable data copy, back-up and disaster recovery, resulting in minimal downtime and seamless business continuity.
  • Operational cost savings due to high efficiencies resulting from maximum use of available bandwidth and minimal data replication.
  • Capital preservation by leveraging existing infrastructure.
  • Increased value/revenue generation from enhanced services now possible with real-time data sharing across any distance.
1PB/ 23 hours @ 100Gbps / ~2800Miles

Bay recently transferred 1 Petabyte of data across the U.S. in just over 23 hours.