Our Story

inset-our-storyBay Microsystems is a data solutions company that addresses challenges with geographically dispersed data regardless of network capacity, data volume, application or location. Since 2006, the company’s innovative offerings have made complex, distributed applications possible by increasing the value, accessibility and management of an organization’s data. Through Bay’s patented technologies, resources such as compute, networking and storage can be integrated into the same platform, enabling some of the most mission-critical, distributed data applications around the world.

The company’s technology leadership and cutting edge solutions empower organizations to improve productivity, achieve faster time to revenue and penetrate new markets, while lowering operational costs. Bay has enhanced its proven technologies to provide a seamless, application-agnostic data platform for digital media, financial services, life sciences and government entities.

“Like the physical universe, the digital universe is large – by 2020 containing nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe. It is doubling in size every two years, and by 2020 the digital universe – the data we create and copy annually – will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes.”
— EMC Digital Universe with Research & Analysis by IDC