Enable mission critical applications for government agencies, military and intelligence communities

For over a decade, Bay Microsystems has provided innovative, patented technologies to enable some of the most mission-sensitive information flows within the government. Government agencies around the world are faced with achieving increased IT optimization, security and efficiencies across their networks. Tasked with leveraging existing technologies and deploying next-generation architectures, government organizations continue to look for ways to improve access to remote data, process strategic and tactical information in real-time and ensure the best available support to missions regardless of location.

Network architects must design, deploy and maintain globally-connected, high- performance terrestrial and satellite networks that service a multitude of disparate applications and systems. Government agencies continue to need to move large amounts of data across various geographic locations, often via incompatible local and wide area network technologies.

Bay Microsystems helps to address the compromises and connectivity challenges associated with mission-critical government networks. Bay’s solutions ensure that a seamless fabric between multiple worldwide locations can be established, while delivering vital applications, services, and data access more cost-effectively.

How is it done?

Bay provides its global fabric extension technology through its legacy IBEx and next generation FX series of products. These products fit seamlessly into the government’s mission compute environments and extend multiple LAN fabrics concurrently over any point-to-point or multi-point MAN/WAN configurations. The FX series is the latest generation of the product family scaling the overall connectivity with high speed (up to 100Gbps) interfaces, non-blocking switching and industry standard routing protocols.

On the other hand, Bay’s Max Data Xchange (MaxDX) provides an integrated data solution for various government applications to enable geo-diverse workflows just like it does for commercial market segments. MaxDX eases the complications of a typical government mission compute environment by abstracting the complexities of high performance file systems and CPU offload technologies. It attaches to a LAN as an industry standard NAS and/or cloud service and streamlines distributed workflows over point-to-point, hub-and-spoke and mesh topologies in the MAN/WAN.

IBEx/FX series of products and MaxDX data solution provide the flexibility for very different deployment scenarios within the government, although they both provide a common set of benefits.

  • Provide optimal bandwidth utilization regardless of MAN/WAN type – satellite, microwave or fiber from 2Mbps up to 100Gbps
  • Deliver secure video, data and voice to the edge of the mission critical environments
  • Reduce the time for data transfer across geo-diverse location dramatically
  • Predictable, lossless, economical movement of data from/to cloud storage environments