Life Sciences


Improve access, analytics and remote data collaboration across global R&D teams

Low latency connectivity and the ability to access or move massive amounts of data power the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, creating a whole new revolution in specialized healthcare. Innovations and discoveries to find new cures are made possible when the brightest minds in the life sciences and pharmaceutical world are empowered with virtual collaboration across the globe. From internal and external collaboration amongst pharma R&D communities to life science simulation and genome sequencing applications, large data-sets need to be shared across long distances efficiently and effectively in order to maximize workflow productivity. Working with data-in-place ensures global teams can work effectively with any data that may be restricted from export outside the country of origin.

Last but not the least, big data analytics is the future of life science, pharmaceutical and healthcare innovation. Improving the efficiency of research and clinical trials and building new tools to meet the promise of more customized healthcare approaches all needs instantaneous access to large amounts of geo-diverse information.

  • Enabling distributed workflows for the life science, healthcare and pharmaceutical research communities around the globe
  • Accelerating data analytics with fast and efficient access to/transfer of data to improve innovation and healthcare globally
  • Securely managing sensitive or confidential data through fully compliant, secure file transfer
  • Facilitating remote file sharing to accommodate sovereign data regulations