Media & Entertainment

Accelerate distributed workflows for content creation, editing, distribution, and business continuity/disaster recovery

The shift from analog to digital media and the migration of media resolution formats from SD to HD to 4K – and even 8K – have changed core media technologies extensively and created entirely new content workflows. The emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) only exacerbates these challenges. A large set of enhanced and advanced digital media tools used at every stage of the content lifecycle such as pre-production, post-production, rendering and archiving has changed dramatically. The rapid evolution of technical change associated with complex distributed workflows requires major changes in network, processes, and storage approaches to keep pace.

In turn, the need to create, manipulate and distribute content regardless of geographic location has exploded. Unfortunately, legacy network infrastructures and related processes were not originally intended to efficiently support geo-diverse collaborative workflows. When pressed to do so, these legacy systems introduce unwanted delays, latencies and process inefficiencies that are transparent under more localized and manual operating procedures.

Max Data Xchange™ (MaxDX™) makes content workflows more efficient, simpler and more productive by accelerating various processes for backup, archiving, remote collaboration, satellite upload of event data, and remote distribution of archival media. Remote professionals can access high resolution source material as if they were accessing the material locally. This reduces – and in some cases eliminates – the need for unnecessary data copies between locations, and lets remote users perform and complete a full range of their work processes.

  • New workflows and processes for shorter time to air
  • Secure, efficient transfer of content across the network, regardless of medium – satellite, fiber or microwave
  • Acceleration of true collaboration amongst a globally distributed production workforce
  • Streamlined file transfer in minutes versus hours, hours versus days for large dataset movement between geographically dispersed locations
  • Predictable, ultra-fast, lossless, access to cloud environments
  • Transportable configurations for remote production performance improvements and increased content availability outside the studio