FX Series

Providing scalable data connectivity regionally, nationally and globally

Driven by mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), social networking, video and cloud services, data is growing at exponential rates. This immense data expansion brings up a variety of operational challenges – from global reach, capacity scalability, movement and access of large data to issues related to timely data delivery. These challenges can be addressed by creating a truly location-independent infrastructure.

Bay’s FX Series achieves location-independence with global fabric extension of concurrent, multiple LAN fabrics over virtually any multipoint MAN/WAN configuration. It combines Bay’s Global Fabric Extension technology with non-blocking switching and an open software architecture to provide highly scalable, high efficiency, low latency connectivity between high performance data center fabrics.

The FX-50 is a compact, rack-mounted or desktop product within the FX Series that dramatically improves available terrestrial or satellite link bandwidth, while preserving existing infrastructure. The FX-50 supports a high density of speed-selectable interfaces and delivers a scalable, power-efficient system that is complimented by an open architecture with standard interfaces/protocols for data, control and management functions.

  • Predictable data access and sharing enabled by deterministic, high performance and low latency performance
  • Highly scalable connectivity for multiple concurrent fabrics over virtually any MAN/WAN service and topology
  • Capital preservation by leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Operational cost savings due to high efficiencies resulting from maximum use of available bandwidth
  • 250Gbps interface density in a compact (1U, 1/2 wide) form factor
  • 120Gbps non-blocking switching capacity
  • Speed selectable interfaces from 10Mbps to 40Gbps terrestrial and satellite connections
  • ~95% bandwidth utilization
  • Unprecedented fabric reach (e.g., RTT 2500ms@10G) enabled by deep buffers
  • Dynamic allocation of buffers for policy-driven flows ‒ on-demand configurable data plane
  • Fabric routing – Standard routing protocol for connection of geo-diverse locations over topology-agnostic multi-point network configurations
  • MAN/WAN Service – Point-to-point/point-to-multipoint (E-Line/E-LAN) full-rate or partial rate Ethernet service, layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) service, MPLS-TE service, dark fiber
  • Concurrent, multiple LAN fabrics – 1/10/10/40G RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) and FDR InfiniBand interfaces aggregating concurrently to a single network service
  • Open control and management interfaces – SNMP v2/3, NETCONF, REST API, Openflow, HTTPS, SSH, CLI (console)
  • Compact, rack-mounted form factor with front-to-back airflow and speed controlled fans for low noise operation
  • Field-replaceable and redundant power supplies/fan trays result in high availability and continuous operations