Max Data Xchange

Unleashing the value of distributed data

Maximizing the value of distributed digital data assets has become even more strategic for an ever-growing number of businesses. This requires real-time transfer of and access to terabytes of data without regard for location – regionally, nationally or globally.

Max Data Xchange® (MaxDXTM) is designed to unleash the value of data assets by maximizing available bandwidth, minimizing data replication and data transfer between locations, resulting in optimal performance and operational efficiencies. It empowers organizations to streamline distributed workflows, improve productivity and enhance collaboration using data in place.

MaxDX is a converged platform that bridges the gap between industry-standard enterprise or cloud storage and the MAN/WAN. It establishes a unified, geo-diverse storage overlay for moving and accessing data, which addresses the common challenges of geographically dispersed data: volume, location, performance and end-user experience. MaxDX leverages proven and highly efficient networking technology and tightly integrates it with High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies and a robust management tool, MaxDX ManagerTM. When installed at each location, MaxDX establishes a unified data platform, which bypasses the inherent inefficiencies of traditional networked data.

Packaged in a rack-mount and travel case form factor, MaxDX supports most LAN, SAN and WAN interfaces. Using industry standard storage protocols, MaxDX allows remote storage to be mounted locally for networked clients without disrupting workflows and existing SAN/NAS environments.

The platform integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise storage and network environments to preserve investments and lower overall costs. The MaxDX solution achieves ~95% utilization of the available terrestrial or satellite network bandwidth. Maintenance is easy with a single installation at each site, and streamlined administration and monitoring via web-based applications.

  • Predictable, time-sensitive remote data access and sharing to streamline distributed workflows and real-time collaboration.
  • Predictable data copy, back-up and disaster recovery, resulting in minimal downtime and seamless business continuity.
  • Operational cost savings due to high efficiencies resulting from maximum use of available bandwidth and minimal data replication.
  • Capital preservation by leveraging existing infrastructure.
  • Increased value/revenue generation from enhanced services now possible with real-time data sharing across any distance.
  • Over 95% bandwidth utilization of both terrestrial and satellite WAN links
  • Real-time access to remote data as if it were local
  • Data transfers of terabytes (over 90TB in 20 hours over a 10Gb connection) of data at the speed of light over any distance
  • Optimal bandwidth utilization regardless of the size of the WAN pipe-scaling up to 100G
  • Predictable, low-latency performance over any distance
  • Linear performance with the addition of MaxDX nodes, links and bandwidth
  • Policy-based multi-tenancy support
  • Compatible with various storage systems for file and object storage including cloud (S3) storage
  • IT, LAN, WAN and transport protocol independence
  • Expandable tiered storage with embedded drives or external iSCSI/FC attached storage
  • Data access through simple network mapped storage
  • Streamlined configuration and monitoring via web-based management interface
  • Straightforward workload planning
  • Comprehensive policy and security features